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Our offer includes services for:
  • international transport
  • national transport
  • international freight forwarding
  • national freight forwarding
  • services in a wide range of logistics

We specialize in transport between the Polish and the Italians, while we go to all the countries of the European Union.

Our fleet of trucks are Scania and Volvo meet European environmental standards and safety EURO 4 and EURO 5 We have semi standard with a capacity of 24 tons.
Our priority is the speed and efficiency of transport services and the maximum adaptation to individual customer needs.

Thanks to satellite technology to keep control the course of transport, allows you to instantly determine the position of each consignment.

Established position of our company that more and more customers use our services. The quality of these services and professionalism are a source of satisfaction for many contractors.
Being prepared organizationally and hardware, we are able to quickly and efficiently perform the service. We are driven by individual approach to the client and adapt to the needs and expectations.
As one of Europe's road transport lideróww we provide high quality services, ensuring fast and safe transportation. Thanks to its attractiveness, efficiency and sustainability in the competitive market of transport services company has high productivity and profitability shaken.
We are present on all roads of Europe, and the prices of our services we always applied tariffs aimed at the welfare and customer satisfaction....

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